DES ALWI Figures & Symbols Of Banda Neira  

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In Banda Naira he not only figures, but also 'communication centers' as a place to complain, complain, ask for directions to solve the problem. In Jakarta, he was known as a high-level lobbyists and public symbol of Banda. Then, who Des Alwi?

"A white ship was docked at the pier. All eyes were on two parent wearing a white suit and tie down the gangplank. Both pale gentleman carrying berparas eight large wooden trunk and four big bags of skin. With a swimsuit and hair still wet I notice them. Which one of them wearing glasses. One of them smiled at me, "said Des Alwi memories when I first met Muhammad Hatta and Sutan Sjahrir during their exile in Banda Naira.

Des Alwi was 8 years old and in second grade, ELS (Lagere Europeesche School). But he admitted that he had to know for sure that the second master from Boven Digul, because their faces pale. "Every person who comes from Digul always pale. Apparently there they lack food and lots of malaria, "he said.

Both men were then asked in Des Alwi by Dutch discussion, it's about dr. Tjipto Mangunkusumo. "Yes I know, but far from here. If the home of Mr. Iwa Kusumah Sumantri is right in front of this dock , "said little in Des Alwi. the name if dr. Tjipto and Mr. Iwa is very known in Banda, because they have stayed long enough in Naira and Des Alwi is a friend of their sons and daughters.

The Two guests was named Muhammad Hatta and Sjahrir, the Dutch political prisoners exiled to Boven Digul. The meeting with the two figures that until now he'd never forget. Indeed, he considered the meeting that became the direction of his life to become Des Alwi current. Because the ingenuity, intelligence and 'mischief', the two figures are said to be fond of this Baadila Said grandchildren. Until then Bung Hatta took Des Alwi an adopted child.

"I feel as the first person they signed. In my next life, accuracy and precision in his work that has been planted is one of the great added value in my career so far. From Oom Sjahrir, I got a lot of insight and understanding, "said Des Alwi.

want to know a lot about Des Alwi

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What is Best For Banda Neira ???  

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Many things that have happened on the island of banda, stories and historical stories have been going on in there. But you know that up to now still banda as old fashioned .... No significant changes that have occurred even though we are in a period that is very modern.

Various historical, marine parks so beautiful, the sea is abundant, natural resource that is invaluable price ...
But it also can not be used with the maximum.

Such as whether it should banda ...
Various theories have to appear hypothesis, but it failed there. Can what has been planned is too high? Or is it that human beings have not been able to do - what potential is there on the ...

As a young man from banda, I want to give a short question, I have the hope that citizens will get answers banda short and very clear from all of you ....

What should banda? What are the appropriate steps to promote banda seen in terms of the potential that there is ....

Your suggestions will help us in the development of our beloved area.

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Cakalele is a war dance  

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Cakalele is a war dance that comes from the Moluccas. Similarly in kepilauan Banda, but cakalele on the island of Banda cakalele different with other regions in Maluku.

Banda cakalele dance consists of five dancers. all the dancers are men. Dancers in the middle of the commander who is representing the People Rich Banda (people who are community leaders Banda, as the village head, the head of the customs and priests) who have been killed by the VOC.
Two dancers who holds a spear and put kapsete (cap of the copper property of the Spanish and Portuguese troops successfully defeated by Banda war) in the head, called the captain. Captain is leading the war, which is right next to the captain of the sea captain and a lieutenant is to the left of the land.

Two other dancers is holding a big knife Malesi and shield. Malesi is typical soldier war relic Banda Naira. Malesi in the head, worn headgear similar to kupiah.

Banda played cakalele dance accompanied with the sound of gong and Tifa combined into one. also added to the cheering audience that is a manifestation of the spirit of the community to encourage the pejuangnya the peace, fight for their fatherland.

Dance Cakalele can now be enjoyed during the visit of the guests, such as ministers and other. or dance caklele also will be played when the custom event

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Building Museum Banda Naira  

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Building Museum Banda Naira containing goods residual colonial period. Visitors can see the gun collection, beverage bottles, cutlery and drink, weapons, tables and chairs, money-money VOC, harmapon, photos, and many more other collections.

Overall survival of the original colonists who traverse dating Banda Naira, such as Spanish, Portuguese, English and Dutch.

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